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Four Seasons Bundle

Four Seasons Bundle

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Proplay Four Seasons Bundle

Proplay 4 Seasons Bundle is everything you need to improve your performance throughout this summer.
Are you ready to work hard while your teammates are chilling during the off season? This series of workouts is a great opportunity to use the summer break smartly and to eliminate your shortcomings.

You will prepare your body for high-intensity work in Season 1.
Season 2 will show you how to touch the ball properly with all the possible parts of your body.
You will master your skills of ball control in Season 3.
And Season 4 will help you to become the best passer in your team.

Improve your game with this bundle that includes:

• Proper warm up and cool down
• Basic fitness training
• Speed and Coordination workouts
• Plyometrics
• Proper Juggling with all the possible parts of your body
• Advanced juggling
• Short and Medium pass