SEASON 4 - Short & Medium Pass

SEASON 4 - Short & Medium Pass

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  • Get the knowledge about passing that 90% of players don’t have.

  • Become the best passer in your team.

  • Increase your confidence in a work with the ball in matches.

  • Impress coaches, scouts, directors with your passing skills.

Proplay Short and Medium Pass

A unique pro program that will allow you to improve your passing drastically. 

You’re not confident with your passing? Your coach never explained you how to pass the ball correctly, how to position the foot, which part of the ball to hit, etc? Don't worry, in Proplay passing season we will show you everything. Put on your boots and get to work.

The pass is the alphabet of football. With its help the players communicate with each other on the pitch. You need to understand right away that if you want to play football at a good level, you must have a good pass.

Coaches, scouts, agents, managers, they can all determine the level of a player by the quality of the pass. Our fourth season involves 3 training sessions (one theoretical and two practical), full of a variety of different drills that are designed to improve your passing skills.

Why Proplay Short and Medium Pass?

First of all you get one-of-a kind theoretical lesson where we will tell and show you ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING about short and medium pass. How to position the foot, which part of the ball to hit, how to tighten your inside of the foot, how to place your supportive leg and so on. And secondly you get two practical sessions where you can implement on the football pitch all the knowledge you just obtained.